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Are you looking for Ipecacuanha?

We are direct exporters of root

Your best option if you need ipecac root. We are in the region where historically the best quality of Ipecacuanha has been produced; this is in northern zone of Costa Rica.

Technical assistance

We work with producers in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, providing technical support for crops.


Each one of our plants is delicately cared for to offer the best quality. This way we assure that our roots are healthy and contain high percentages of alkaloids.


We are providers of the best ipecacuanha up to 3,6 % Emetine. We have strict quality standards to guarantee the best product.


Our exports by air guarantee that you will get the product within three days at your preferred international airport. Shipments are insured for 100% of the total cost.

Ipecacuana del Norte S.A

We are a Costa Rican Company dedicated to cultivation and exportation of Ipecacuanha root.
We are promoting together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (M.A.G). the planting of ipecacuanha with a concept different from the one commonly used, this is because we are implementing all the possible technical contribution, using all the available resources so that the crop is effective, sustainable and friendly with the environment without affecting our flora and fauna.

Ipecacuanha plantations

At the beginning it was extracted from the mountains because it was in the wild, then it was implemented as a crop, however because it is not a traditional agricultural activity it has many limitations at the level of crop, this is the reason for which the desired quantities of it do not exist at present. So we are making great efforts to encourage and implement all the possible scientific contribution along with the producers to improve the quantity and quality of this wonderful product.

This root was used by natives as a part of their natural medicines for the cure of various diseases. After discovering their active ingredients, it became part of products of the nature used in the pharmaceutical industry, first in Europe and then it became part of almost all the worldwide pharmacopoeia.


We export ipecacuanha to any destination. We are duly inscribed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (M.A.G). Promoter of External Commerce of Costa Rica (Procomer).
We offer a mínimum of 200 kg. Product is packed in boxes from 25 to 30 kg.

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Air shipment
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Boxes from 25 to 30 kg
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In the box...

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